The Bay Club Company

150 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Background History

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 1977, The Bay Club (formerly Western Athletic Clubs) is an active lifestyle and hospitality company with a network of 24 modern country clubs across 10 campuses—five in Northern California (Marin, San Francisco, Redwood Shores, Silicon Valley and Los Gatos) and five in Southern California (Santa Barbara, San Diego and three in Los Angeles).

BIG's Role
Over three decades, Bennett Hall has worked with the the Bay Club. Initially his role was to create a visual environment to connect with the membership and to create the optimal design that was also expressive of the Bay Club brand.

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Club, BIG installed hand-tinted historical views of the Club's neighborhood in combination with modern views of San Francisco. The blend became expressive of the area, establishing a "pride of place."

FlexFrame Systems are installed for the display of all content that changes, such as programs, events, announcements, as well as personnel and fitness instructors. This enables the Club to adapt as the natural changes occur in their business operations.

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Over the ensuing years, BIG has worked closely with their marketing team to produce framed exhibits displaying the range of facilities throughout the clubs.

Boulder Ridge Display, Courtside Club, July 2016

Centerpiece of the Bay Club's Court Cafe
"Skyline from Clipper Street"
Photography by Bennett Hall, 4 x 8'

Personnel Display use FlexFrame
to allow portraits to be rotated when change occurs

Signature Gold Display
Bay Club - Main lobby, Greenwich Street, San Francisco

Lounge by Court Cafe
"Bay Bridge after passing Storm"
Photography by Bennett Hall

Court Cafe - side seating area
"City Hall in Rose"
Hand-tinted photography By Bennett Hall

This series of hand-tinted images show the construction progress of the building that will eventually house the San Francisco Bay Club. The original use of the structures was an Ice Warehouse - circa 1940

FlexFrame Event Display

The SF Bay Club uses our FlexFrame product to display programs and events that are constantly changing at the club. In-house staff manage the graphics for the flyers and posters and change-out the images as needed.

FlexFrame is a propietary and protected product of Business Image Group