Business Image Group (BIG)

Business Image Group provides visual branding services that integrate the culture, market position and community of its clients with their facilities.

This is achieved by designing and producing art programs, exhibits, graphic displays and signage that are carefully planned based on the strategic objectives of its clients marketing,m human resources and c-level executives.

BIG service model is single-source, offering a complete solution encompassing strategic planning and analysis, design and planning, content development, management and production.

BIG has experience with many market segments, including enterprise, hospitality, government, education, entertainment, and health care. Past clients include Starwood Hotels, the U.S. District Courts, Nestle, Schwab, Union Bank, Georgetown University, and TriStar Pictures.

Framing Services Division: Eco Framing

Exceptional custom picture framing for businesses, corporations, interior designers,
architects, art consultants, and discerning individuals.

Eco Framing

755 Apple Street, Oakland CA 94603
Lead Framer: Eric Linville

Eco Framing Design Room

San Francisco Images

San Francisco Images offers content of the City of San Francisco, historical to contemporary, for exhibition.
On Site Design Appointments for business.
By Appointment in Oakland studio
On-line purchase of framed and unframed images


Worldwide Archive

Bringing you the world in images. Visit our online store for images from San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, California, world leaders, space and more - many vintage pieces.


Executive Team

Bennett Hall, President and Creative Director

A San Francisco native, Bennett Hall has been an artist and photographer for more than twenty years, producing artwork ranging from album covers to corporate exhibits. The diversity of Hall’s creative work has earned him a reputation as an innovative artist who is proficient in both the traditional and digital photographic realms


Helen Rischbieth, Executive Vice President 

Helen has a background in the development of speciality multimedia for medical education. Rischbieth was cofounder of Torson Group, Inc., and its related companies, which pioneered in the development of virtual anatomically-correct computerized humans, that were used in describing the biomechanics of the human body. She specializes in the creation of marketing messages in the health arena, integrating the needs of both the client and consumer.


Client Area