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Art programs for the Washington Hospital campus were created using images of the local community history and contemporary landscape. This approach was integrated with the organization's brand strategy for community healthcare.

This "All Community" theme is the most extensive community exhibit program located in a healthcare facility in the world.
By choosing this alternative to traditional decor artwork, Washington Hospital invested in a long term strategy that educates and inspires its community base, as well as positioning the Hospital as a community leader.


Nancy Farber, CEO of Washington Hospital, conceived these permanent exhibits to recognize that, "Our greatest strength has been, remains, and will always be our support from the community we serve." Based on this philosophy, Farber says, "These photographs are a gift to the community of the Washington Township Health Care District," says Farber. "We are very excited about this project, which brings the history of the Tri-city region to our residents."

Our Role

Single-source solution for design, acquisition and development of the heritage photography, exhibit planning, art production, framing and installation. Produced in phases between 1996 and 2012, this project combines historical exhibits of the community, the history of the Hospital, contemporary landscape photography, tributes for local citizens and key employees, event recognition, sculptural emblems for the lobbies.

The historical exhibit content was "repurposed" into a 150 page four-color coffee table book in 2001.

Latest Projects

In May 2012, an exhibit program was produced for the newly opened Institute for Joint Restoration, comprising both local community history and contemporary photographs of the local area, placed in each patient bedroom.

A community heritage program was also produced for the Washington Hospital's
Newark Clinic and Union City Nakamura Clinic.

See article: Profiles in Health care (pdf)

Examples of Fremont History content used in the exhibits

Newark Clinic Lobby - see photos

Lobby of the new Institute for Joint Restoration

Historical Exhibits, 2500 Mowry

Throughout Washington West, there is a vivid "full-color" history lesson unlike any other. Available for a free tour is one of the world's largest community history exhibits. The exhibit begins with the story of the Ohlone Indians who first inhabited this land. The story of Mission San Jose, settlement by early pioneers, development of the water system and agriculture, the Dumbarton bridge, "Hollywood North" where Bronco Billy Anderson produced countless films including Charlie Chaplin's 1915 debut and development of his immortal character, the Tramp, are featured in informative vignettes.

The initial program consisted of 165 images in 110 individual framed displays with detailed large-type captions easy to read for all ages. The program was expanded in 2009 with another 65 images to include the full service district of the tri-city area, including Union City, Newark, and Sunol.

See Images of Fremont History used in the exhibits

Contemporary Fremont Photography

Throughout the hospitals original facility at 2000 Mowry and administrative offices 1900 Mowry, we installed contemporary landscape photography of Fremont, many in mural sizes. Photographer Bennett Hall was commissioned to shoot favorite local area landscapes including Mission Peak, Ardenwood, Niles Canyon, Lake Elizabeth and Calavares Reservoir to provide custom content for this program. These high resolution richly saturated images were blended with selected historical content to complete the art program for this facility.

Photographs in this collection are available through the photographer at:

Link to photographs used in the exhibit

examples of these images

2000 Mowry, Waiting Area

2000 Mowry, Waiting Area by ECU and Chapel

Book Project on Community History

"Washington Township - A Pictorial History"

Following the completion of the exhibit program, through the Hospital foundation, we designed and produced a
165-page four color coffee-table book using the historical content of the Washington Township. This volume
features the original images from the exhibit program.

As the exhibits were created with a digital work-flow,
we were able to "re-purpose" these "media assets"
into the book to shorten the schedule and reduce the budget.

Local historian Phil Holmes worked with author and exhibit co-creator and author Carrie Carruthers to ensure the volume's historical accuracy. We managed the strategy, design, production and print management.

We highly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in community or California history

This limited edition book is available through the Hospital
gift shop, the community health library at 2500 Mowry,
Hospital foundation or through Business Image Group

Hardback edition, $40
Limited edition with cloth slip case $100

Hand-sculpted Emblem

The centerpiece of the Washington Hospital's main lobbies at 2000 and 2500 Mowry are hand-sculpted emblems created in our studios. These six-foot wide three-dimension emblems are made in cast bondo, hand-cut wood letters and backing, painted to coordinate with the lobby design.

The design was refined from an original 1948 logo design.

By using traditional techniques, we were able to create an artistic and vintage look in keeping with the Hospital's humble beginnings. The style simulates the appearance of signs were they been produced by an artist in 1948 when the hospital district was first established.

This approach was selected over the alternative
of the more common modern approach of using computer cut lettering, which while "perfect" often lack the personalized touch of hand-crafted work.

Hospital Emblem, 2500 Mowry, Main Lobby

"The Oaths"

Illustrations from Medical history

In addition to the sculptural emblem in the lobby of 2000 Mowry, we produced two custom illustrations themed around the history of medicine. They provide an educational message that also reinforces the
organizations mission of the Hospital as a care provider.

These displays were created through a combination of traditional hand-drawn illustration and lettering and digital composite methods.

Florence Nightingale Pledge

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing in the United Kingdom. In 1860, four years after her famous involvement in the Crimean War, Nightingale founded the Nightingale Training School for nurses at St. Thomas' Hospital.

Learn more about the Staff of Aesculapius,
used as the symbol of medicine.

Learn more about the Hippocratic Oath,

One of the oldest binding documents in history, the Oath written by Hippocrates is still held sacred by physicians: to treat the ill to the best of one's ability, to preserve a patient's privacy, to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation.

Florence Nightingale Pledge and Staff of Aesculapius

Oath & Pledge on left in Main Lobby, 2000 Mowry

Tributes to Citizen Leaders

We advocate the recognition of your community's leaders through the creation of special displays that honor their generosity or acievements.

Tribute to Fred Weibel

About Washington Hospital

Washington Hospital Health care System serves the residents of Fremont, Newark, Union City, Milpitas, Sunol, and part of South Hayward and encompasses approximately 124 miles of Southern Alameda County.
In 1998 the Health Care District's new Washington West building opened. It featured Washington Hospital's new Community Health Resource Library, a greatly expanded cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation center, urgent-care facility, the Washington Hospital Health Insurance Information Service, an expanded Washington Clinic and Fremont's only elevated pedestrian bridge, which serves as a safe means of travel for patients, visitors and employees crossing Civic Center Drive.

Washington Hospital is a not-for-profit 337-bed, acute-care district hospital and provides a full range of medical services to the communities of Fremont, Newark, Union City, parts of South Hayward and unincorporated Sunol. Services include Washington Clinics located in Fremont and Newark; Washington-Stanford Radiation Oncology Center; Washington Outpatient Surgery Center; Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation Center; Washington Outpatient Catheterization Laboratory; Washington Heart Program; Washington/Packard Children’s Special Care Nursery; Center for Joint Replacement; and the Birthing Center.

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Washington Hospital Health care System

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