Helen Rischbieth

Executive Vice President

Helen Rischbieth brings to Business Image Group a diverse career as an entrepreneur, having run several businesses, small and mid-sized, and as a project designer for multimedia and internet content and technology.

Helen co-founded Torson Group, Inc. in 1991, which developed as a leader in health-related interactive multi-media in Australia. It was then venture funded and relocated to the United States in 1999.
(see www.Torson.com)

Torson delivers leading health, sports and human performance information using proprietary interactive “Virtual Human Technology.” The company developed "Torson - The Virtual Human" considered to be the most advanced computer animated, 3D model of the human musculo-skeletal system ever created.

Though her experience with Torson, Helen became adept in conceptually designing computer software applications, and then overseeing
teams of professionals - designers, animators, web developers, programmers, professionals - in the development and production of these applications.

She has worked closely with large companies, such as Quokka Sports and NBC, in designing customized applications in sports-specific human biomechanics and anatomy relevant to the lay public during the Sydney Olympics.

She also designed interactive applications to explain anatomy, mechanism of injury, exercise programs and surgical procedures for surgeons and health professionals.
These programs have been used throughout Australia and the US, in companies such as the New York Sports Clubs, Discovery Health, and leading othopedic websites.

(see www.kerlanjobe.com for a menu of 'Torson' content designed for orthopedic surgeons).

Helen's experience in business management includes her founding of a specialized health services practice in South Australia, which became the leading practice of its type. This business acumen led to her ability to fund the early stage development of Torson while simultaneously running this health practice.

In both Australia and the US, Helen has given numerous seminars to health professionals on practice and patient management. These seminars included the importance of clear communication, consideration of both the individual's needs and their total environment, and organizational systems.

Helen has been a member of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation for 20 years, and is an associate lecturer at the University of South Australia. In 2000 she received the highly acclaimed US O1 Visa for outstanding contributions in her field, due to her efforts and advances in computerized health applications. In 1991 she invented the Body Bolster - a tool for backcare (see www.bodybolster.com). This product received patents in 5 countries, including the US, and is widely used by health professionals.

Helen has applied her skills with Business Image Group to assist in the adapation of its business model to a scalable digital media service provider. This has included strategic development of specific market segments, such as health care, government, hospitality and corporations.


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