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History Program Services

History Program Clients

Business Image Group has used historical content for exhibits and art programs since 1980.

History is fascinating and evergreen. It is strategic to building links with the local community. History can also establish the position that the client has a tradition of excellence, thereby enhancing trust and a sense of integrity, enhancing brand identity.

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Century Plaza Hotel, LA • 1996

Business Image Group created exhibits for the Century Plaza Hotel’s celebrating its first 30 years with exhibits related to its history.
We began with history of 20th Century Fox Studios which open on the same site as the hotel in 1926. The exhibits showcase the glamour of Fox films and its stars, showing rare images of the backlots where many imortal film classics were produced. We told of the sale of part this real estate in the 1960's for the development of Century City, which included the opening of the original hotel and the beginning of its remarkable history. BIG compiled images from six Presidential libraries, the White House, NASA, 20th Century Fox, the Century City Chamber of Commerce and independent photographers. Black and white images, aesthetically too
stark for its warm interior, were hand-tinted to coordinate with conventional color images and the palette of the Hotels interior design.


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Community Content for Branch Office exhibits

Business Image Group combined contemporary and historical images of the brokerage industry with hand-colored turn-of-the-century prints of each branch’s local area for installations throughout the country for Charles Schwab’s branches. The strategy was to visually integrated the business identity of Schwab with its community and industry. Content included vintage shots of Wall Street from the 1800’s, and a montage of current images of the brokerage exchanges with whom Charles Schwab is affiliated. Each branch was custom planned for optimal size and placement of images and a training program was implemented that enabled each local team to install the artwork to assist with the program budget.


Wall Street

El Camino Hospital • 1986

Business Image Group produced several types of exhibits that used the history of the service area of El Camino Hospital. these included the story of how the hospital was formed and constructed, the staff that services the patients and the local area history. This program is entirely original hand-tinted photographic prints, made prior to the advent of digital processes.

Hills Bros. Coffee Company

Business Image Group created a permanent exhibit of Hills Bros. Coffee that is in the historic lobby of Number Two Harrison Street, adjacent to Gordon Bierch. This display essentially providing the "last aroma" of coffee that was a dominant feature of San Francisco’s waterfront from when Hills Bros. opened its vacuum packing facility there in 1926.

Business Image Group was commissioned by the building's developer to create this display which was made with the assistance of historian Carroll Wilson. Wilson began with Hills Bros. in 1923, at which time he directed the activities of twenty six traveling window display teams for retail grocery stores.


Hyatt Regency Monterey • 1992

Business Image Group produced 1,200 hand-tinted historical images for over six hundred guest rooms in the Hyatt Regency Monterey, built on the site of the historic Del Norte Golf Course. The images were created from vintage glass plate negatives, hand-tinted, reproduced and framed to match the decor of the guest rooms. The artwork received rave reviews from guests for their appealing, nostalgic expression of the area’s history and were used for publicity purposes to promote the property.


LIFE West Chiropractic College

Business Image Group created many historical exhibits for the College, including a comprehensive timeline depicting the history of the chiropractic profession.

Nestle Beverage Company

Nestle Beverage Company commissioned Business Image Group to research and produced exhibits on its brand history, including Hills Bros., Chase and Sanborn, Nescafe, Nestle’ Quik and Juicy Juice. We worked with a team that included historian Carroll Wilson and Cynthia Cain, head of Graphics Services. Wilson began with Hills Bros in 1923, at which time he directed the activities of twenty six traveling window display teams for retail grocery stores.
FlexFrames were used by Nestle to display ongoing marketing campaigns and products. Business Image Group assisted Nestle on numerous projects, including facility exhibits, digital collages, product photography, custom merchandise, t-shirts, and notecards.


Olympic Club, Lakeside, San Francisco

Honoring the Golf Milestones of the Lakeside Country Club

The Lakeside Country Club has been home to several memorable US Opens, including the 1955, 1966, 1987 and 1998. Throughout the Club, exhibits showcase these events and the Olympic Club’s sports history. BIG provided services in content development, exhibit design, photographic printing, framing and installation. BIG is continuing its work with the Olympic Club to produce the exhibit program for their downtown Post Street facilities and headquarters now under renovation and scheduled for completion in 2004.


Omni Hotels

Business Image Group was commissioned to create the display for the main hotel restaurant. It was based on historical photographs of the local area in which the hotel is situated, as well as other key San Francisco landmarks.


Pacific Bell

Business Image Group has worked with Pacific Bell in numerous of the California facilities. In each installation, we designed a combination of local area history and historical images of the telephone company going back to the 1880's. This approach for decor was used in Fresno, Auburn, San Francisco and San Bruno.

Each installation featured unique hand-tinted historical photographs as its principle art program


Operaters circa 1920, handtinted by Bennett Hall

Palace Hotel

Historical Exhibits for public space

San Francisco’s 750 room Palace Hotel opened in 1876 outfitted for royalty and was considered the greatest hotel West of the Mississippi.. Although its structure survived the Great Earthquake of 1906, it was lost in the ensuing fire later that day, reducing its grandeur to rubble. The Palace was reborn in 1909, slightly smaller, but again one of the City’s most elegant hotels. In 1989-1991 the Palace was renovated. BIG worked in collaboration with Stanford Hughes of Brayton Hughes Design to produce exhibits on the history of the Hotel throughout its public spaces. BIG handled the installation of a public space artwork, including Maxfield Parrish’s original 1909 Pied Piper painting commissioned for the Hotel when it re-opened after the '06 Earthquake.


Post Ranch Inn

When proprietors Mike and Janet Freed opened Ranch Inn, they worked tirelessly to create both a seamless integration with the landscape and a connection to the history of the property. Originally farmed by Billy Post, Business Image Group created historical vignettes for each of its exclusive guest rooms, and additional exhibits on the history of the ranch and Big Sur for the visitors' center and the Inns' Five Star Restaurant.


Ramada Plaza, SF

After the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the Ramada Plaza served briefly as the City’s temporary City Hall, complete with jail. The guest rooms of this San Francisco hotels' were redesigned to feature elegant historical images depicting the history of its Market Street neighborhood. Business Image Group and Sage Hospitality Resources, an acclaimed Colorado historical hospitality development company, worked together to create this colorful alternative to traditional decor art. Oversize beveled mirrors were added in each room to compliment the decor. The completed guest rooms are thematically integrated with the hotels' historic market position.


San Francisco Bay Club

The San Francisco Bay Club chose an all San Francisco theme that combined the contemporary images of San Francisco with the clubs' and its neighborhoods' history for its art program.

In addition, the Bay Club installed FlexFrame systems throughout the Club to display portraits of club personnel, fitness instructors, massage therapists and changing event information such as Club programs and events. The overall environment blends the contemporary and traditional style of content successfully. The artworks' subject matter is compelling, relevant and Club members enjoy the work immensely. A similar strategy was also used at Western Athletic Club's other San Francisco facilities, the Bay Club Bank of America and Golden Gate Tennis club.


U.S. District Courts, 2002 - 2010

The US District Courts serves the needs to the local community as well as the common interests of our nation. Beginning with the Jury rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, our firm has been assisting the Courts in installing an exhibit program directly linked to the local community the Courts serve. Using local historical photographs, each jury room is appointed with content designed to connect the jurist to their community, providing visual integration with the historic tradition of the Courts.

Our goal is creating an environment for the US Courts’ that creates a positive visual experience combined with a consistent message of community, historical tradition, and respect for the Judicial process.

To accomplish this strategy, we produced and installed historical images of the local community served by the US District Court in each of the thirty five jury rooms throughout the greater Bay Area, public spaces outside the courtrooms in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, and chambers hallways.


VA Hospital, Palo Alto • 2000

BIG designed a custom exhibit for the VA Hospital in Palo Alto for the main lobby of its new facility drawing on history of the hospital, the Ohlone Indians and artifacts found at the site, and key moments in the military history of the United States. These exhibits cover a period from the Civil War through the Vietnam War, using images primarily from the National Archives in Washington DC.


Washington Hospital • 1997-2009

Health Care Facility uses art program to integrate its community with its facilities

Business Image Group combined permanent exhibits that showcased over 500 years of local history with contemporary photography of the areas landmarks. This project was inspired by their CEO Nancy Farber who viewed the exhibits as a gift to the community and a reinforcement of their position in it. Community-based content exhibited in health care facilities enhanced the therapeutic and healing environment. The exhibits, produced as direct digital prints, were later redesigned and published into a coffee table book by Business Image Group.

The Book

"Washington Township - A Pictorial History"

As the exhibit images for the new facilities were all archived in digital form, they were able to be repurposed to create this coffee-table book on the history of the Washington Township. The book was designed and created by BIG.

The Emblem

Sculptural Emblem created as centerpiece for two main lobbies -
Re conceptualization of vintage 1948 logo design

The centerpiece of the Washington Hospital’s main lobbies at 2000 and 2500 Mowry are these hand-sculpted emblem produced in Business Image Group’s San Francisco facilities. Made to resemble a vintage cast metal sign, these 54” diameter piece, feature 3-D sculptural elements formed in cast bondo, hand-cut letters, custom-painted with metallic finishes. The design was based on the clients’ original 1948 logo design. The emblem was created using traditional techniques to authentically execute the project as if it were made in 1948, when the hospital district was first established.


Other Clients using History:-

DelMonte Foods
Del Webb Corporation
Good Samaritan Hospital
HomeStake Mining
Momos Restauraunt
University of California, Cal Crew
Wells Fargo Bank
Dept of Water Resources
Union Bank
Alta Alliance Bank


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From Exhibit "History was In Color" at World Headquarters of Del Monte Corp., 1 Market Plaza San Francisco, 1990. Image of Operaters at Switchboard circa 1920 - Hand-tinted by Bennett Hall