Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies

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Public Space Artwork
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Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies

Guest Room Artwork

Artwork is a critical component of room design that supports and even defines the guest experience. Subtle factors are involved: color, texture, scale, and framing. However, from our point of view, the foremost consideration is the content and subject matter.

We incorporate custom artwork development in your room art programs, creating proprietary artwork that is unique to your property, its community. In this way, the artwork supports your identity and serves an expanded role in your organization.

Establish a "sense of place".
Consider content drawn from your property's location, community, history, events, landmarks. Custom artwork will execute this strategy. Let your guests know who you are. Localize! Personalize!

BUDGET: Given today's technology, artwork for rooms can be produced economically in standard sizes, delivery "more bang for the buck". the frame costs the same regardless of what it is in it, and our goal is provide the optimal blend of value and quality, working closely with you to plan the budget to meet the content objectives. It is not necessary to select from "ready-made" artwork from a catalog. We will show you how.

Merchandising Artwork
With high-quality desirable artwork, your guests may desire the opportunity to purchase artwork displayed in the room or other locations on property. You manage the orders and we ship the finished artwork directly to your guests home or office.
A new profit center is developed.

Examples: Post Ranch Inn, Hyatt Monterrey, Carmel Mission Inn, Ramada Plaza

Public Space Artwork

You only have one chance to make a first impression.
Your staff come first, backed up by architecture and design. We help incorporate artwork into this, building the stage for the guest experience. Lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, spa and corridors combine to welcome, comfort, inspire, and influence the guest experience.

We approach public space artwork so that it provides both its traditional decorative function and serves to enhance your brand.

See Palace Hotel, Century Plaza

Speciality Suites and Themes

Speciality or theme suites provide added leverage in positioning your property. The Presidential Suite or Honeymoon suites are a common example. consider extending this approach by linking themes to entire floors, like you would with a restaurant. Perhaps planning areas with content concepts could benefit the property?

Could celebrity or historical tie-ins be effective? Are there famous local characters or historical events that may provide a theme for rooms or other locations? Presidents, Kings, Queens, explorers, indigenous people, astronauts, scientists, inventors, community leaders? Perhaps areas could be named by noteworthy theme concepts. Countries and cities of the world, animals from the rain forest, artists, National Parks, musicians, historical periods? Think outside the box and draw on new approaches for naming. Provide guests with an unexpected and entertaining approach to decor and hospitality.

We brainstorm and develop concepts for this strategy, and integrate the results with your marketing and media relations. Our services include accessorizing custom rooms, coordination with interior design and commissioning artwork that matches conceptual and theme objectives.

See: Ronald Reagan Suite

Restaurants, Lounges, Spas

On property dining is an integrated component of your brand as well as an important profit center. Guests spend develop lasting brand impressions in your establishments facilities and providing an immersive guest experience enhances the bottom line.

We craft custom themed environments using artwork and graphic design, based on your conceptual plan for the facility. This is an opportunity to use themes that are "concept-driven". Celebrities, historical, Paris, New York, modern art, tropical, the desert.

Does the restaurant's artwork live up to its brand? How does the personality of your chef connect with the design? Let us plan a program that creates the ideal ambiance for your guests and a
unique branding opportunity.

See: Omni Hotel, Momo's, Pied Piper Bar

Memorabilia Displays and Collections

For historical properties, artifacts, memorabilia and ephemera are effective and popular displays. This can include vintage silver service, menus, clothing, guest registers, photography, sculpture, jewelry, room keys, awards and plaques. .

Casework: Custom or pre-fabricated display cases are used in public space to house exhibits. Options range for simple cube displays with fabricated Plexiglas tops to elaborate brass vitrines with built-in lighting.

Alternate: "Shadow-box" frames for wall displays will hold multiple three-dimensional objects. They can designed to insert into the drywall, incorporate lighting, and be hinged for access to change displays.

See: Palace Hotel

Rotating Displays

Dedicated display space capable of instantly rotating content is advantageous to enable seasonal and event-driven adaptability. Our FlexFrame systems enable content to be changed "on-demand",
so you can rotate images about convention clients, special events, promotions and seasonal changes.

Images are installed inside custom secured fixtures using Velcro or using rare earth magnets. Mounting, if necessary, can be done in-house, or using readily available local outsources or through our studios. Casework is either hung on top brackets or available with piano hinging on the vertical rail.

See: FlexFrame interchangeable fixtures

"On-Demand" Content Display

Special events and programs benefit from time-sensitive displays that require periodic change-out. We augment your existing built-in casework using display fixtures that enable change graphics whenever required.

Convention clients: Customize meeting space, wayfinding signage and announcements for client functions. This program augments existing display systems, built-ins or easel type displays. FlexFrame enabled guest rooms offer additional leverage for client customization and ROI.

Process: Install display fixtures based on traffic patterns and occupancy plans best suited for changing displays. Establish systems for client content upload and production for graphics and internal methods for populating graphics to fixtures.

Benefit: Your property adapts to client-driven requirements, seasonal changes or HR-based objectives. Client customization results in additional revenue opportunities.

more information on interchangeable fixtures

Media and Community Relations Support

Programs developed for facilities can often be leveraged for media and community relations opportunities. If an exhibit program has historical, celebrity, or renowned artistic talent associated with it,
you can position the work to garner media exposure or for community building.

Collateral such as newsletters, website integration, media releases,
B-roll for broadcast, are created to support efforts of your marketing team and press agents. We support this process by making your rights-managed digital assets conveniently available and through design services, print management, photography and copywriting as required to build content resources.

See examples: St. Regis