Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies

Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies
Media, brand, and facility Assessment

We conduct a visual asset assessment of your facilities to identify and document problems and opportunities, develop strategy, plan standards for using visual information and to master plan and implementation for your project. This the foundation upon which your programs is built and guides the work, schedule and processes.

For new construction, this should be tightly integrated with the architectural program. Consulting on brand and content strategy should begin as soon as possible.

Scanning Services and Image Restoration

The technology of the modern scanning and restoration process can enable virtually any image to be utilized.

We scan images to enable multiple output formats with the philosophy "scan once, output many". The resulting digital file, or "media asset" is refined and prepared for use in multiple formats.

The process is governed by your requirements for output size, project scope and budget. Digital mastering is conducted to enable all planned applications.

Digital restoration methods enhance images to prepare them for specific applications. This process removes scratches and image defects, improves resolution, corrects color balance, and restores contrast. Images previously not usable can now be produced for publication or exhibition. Faded historical pictures are restored to quality standards as if they were shot yesterday.


Printing is performed on HP's latest technology - Designjet Z3200 Photo, which utilizes 12 separate colors.
Printing can be performed on a variety of media, including glossy/satin/matte photographic media, canvas, art papers.

Integrated Marketing

Programs involving your hotel's history, notable art programs, and theme displays can be integrated into your marketing, community relations and HR programs to further leverage their value. Content is re-purposed into publications such as catalogs or books, or electronically on your website.

Applications: collateral, books, guest amenities, in-house training, intranet and extranet, promotional shows featuring your property.

For more information on publishing

See: Ronald Reagan Suite, Palace Hotel

Digital Asset Management

We enable convenient secure access to your brand assets, including your history, site photography, marketing PDFs, and these digital files are accessible for immediate response for media or project requests.

Methods: FTP sites, CD-ROMs, or installing media assets on your server for in-house applications.

Signage and Identity

Bronze plaques and signs are an elegant and traditional way to honor founders, key employees, milestones, and present historical vignettes.

We represent leading producers of custom signage, including cast and cut letters, cast and etched plaques, and hand-crafted signs. The process allows for beveled borders, raised or etched lettering, relief images or bas reliefs, etched illustrations or photo-like images. Materials and finishes are selected to coordinate with the finish schedule. Branded images and logos are incorporated into the design.

• Establish graphic, material and process standards.
• Determine content and information requirements
• Plan placement
• Produce samples for approval
• Production and installation
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