Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies

Hotel History
Community History
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Hospitality Overview
Content Strategies

Hotel or Property History

Does your hotel or restaurant have History? Does your building tell a story? Were the founders characters of significance? Have your guests and celebrity visitors added to your legacy?

If so, you have an brand asset that is invaluable.
Your tradition of excellence should be celebrated.

Tell your story with exhibits, guest room artwork, timelines,
brochures, memorabilia, even collectable books.
History is powerful, brand building, and a priceless.

We organize your history for exhibits and multi-format output, interweaving your history with that of your community for added leverage.

• EXHIBIT - your organizations history
• PUBLISH - your story in a book or catalog
• INTEGRATE - your history on your website
• INVOLVE - your staff in your tradition of excellent service
• FEATURE - your history in advertising and media relations
• CONNECT - your guests with an impression of timeless elegance
• ESTABLISH -your tradition of excellence

See: St. Regis, Century Plaza, Palace Hotel, Post Ranch Inn

overview: use of historical content

case studios: using historical content

Community History

Our special passion is utilizing your history and that of your local community. Hospitality businesses are often intimately connected with the communities they serve and benefit from being positioned as a leader and as THE local "destination". Programs integrated with the your community provide positive public relations benefits. We facilitate this through community-centric exhibit programs and artwork.

Historical programs can be an ideal art program, bridging the gap of generations with emotionally powerful content. Historical imagery is educational and inspirational as well as brand building. This compelling subject matter enhances the connection with your community and your guests.

Programs are created by drawing on local archives to identify images that tell the story of the local community.

See: Post Ranch Inn, Hyatt Monterrey, Omni Hotel, Momo's

Learn more about using historical content

Landscapes & Landmarks

Artwork with subject matter drawn from noteworthy landmarks and landscapes is highly effective. If this content is local, it also reinforces the "sense of place", further adding to the guest experience.

We provide commissioned photography and artwork, as well as utilize stock image resources, to create images of this type. We aim to provide a consistent and proprietary style. Depending on the design intent, an artistic style is produced that best meets your properties design, brand and aesthetic.

See: Carmel Mission Inn, Julliana Hotel

Carmel Mission - Fountain (Photography by Bennett Hall)

Concept-driven Artwork

Hospitality can be viewed as a form of entertainment. Guests are away on holiday or immersed in a convention. New experiences and creative stimulation are desirable qualities. Theme environments provide a draw to your facilities as well as an opportunity for marketing and media exposure. Consider Vegas. Casinos have become replications of New York, Italy, Paris, Egypt, even a Circus. Within these worlds individual themes of all kinds are played out for entertainment value and to enhance the guest experience.

The good news is that you do not have to be in Vegas or have a billion dollar budget to execute strategies that use concept-driven artwork. Let the creative juices flow, have fun, and develop the unique aspects of your style, passions and potential within your property. We help you through the process of planning and executing theme projects in concert with your overall business model.

Murals - digital and traditional

Traditional and mural graphics are useful when a high-impact approach for a concept is desired. Examples include "faux" environments and finishes, simulations of "windows" to other places, "cut-outs", building-wraps for exterior, or wall-paper applications.

Digital output uses pigment/solvent based media onto vinyl or fabrics, resulting in a permanent installations that can be mounted directly to the wall as would wall-paper, stretched like a canvas or hung from banner poles.

Direct application painted murals are coordinated with qualified artists who work on site to approved design specifications. With these techniques, not only can you create tromp o'iell illusions of other worlds, but you can simulate marble on columns or skylights on your ceilings.

Commissioned Artwork

Artwork can be commissioned in all media types. We manage the the process, identify design objectives, media options, artist qualifications, budget, and program execution. Curators are retained to meet specialized objectives.

For guest room art, we will create custom artwork that can be economical replicated as part of your room package. Production is planned for optimal economy, and we will help you achieve a proprietary look for your property. If overseas production is feasible, our partners will enable you to realize exceptional cost savings.

Media types:
• Giclee' or Lightjet - photographic
• Giclee' - "watercolor paper", canvas or fabric
• Original oils and acrylic paintings
• Digital wall paper and murals
• Sculpture - cast metal, clay

Eduardo X. Hedman, artist - see

Art Consulting and Collections

Art collections often evolve from the preferences and passions of the founders or core team of an organization. This might occur over many years and the results may be cohesive and relevant, or potentially the program could lose its poignancy and adjustments may be appropriate.

If the budget was considerable or the program well chosen, a serious collection may evolve, such as the work at Steve Wynn's Bellagio in Las Vegas or the Bank of Americas corporate collection. Appreciation can even be considerable.

We view the process of art collecting and consulting in the larger context of brand strategy. How is it appropriate to your positioning and marketing plan? Acquiring artwork ads to your facilities design and aesthetic, however, does it also communicate your brand and enterprise?

Questions arise. What kind of artwork best expresses your style and your business model? What is your budget? Can you invest in "real" collectable artwork or are we looking for reproductions? Are there special sites where a commission or a one-of-kind keystone piece is called for to "define the space?" What are we trying to say with the artwork?

Defining the process in advance is key to the schedule, project efficiencies and budget. Navigating this process with a well conceived managed plan is critical to success and controlling the budget.

Personnel Displays: Staff, Executives, Talent

To support the in-house marketing and human factors of your organization, we advocate installing displays of staff and leadership in facility programs. Examples are employee of the month or year displays and portraits of executive management. For spa services, we suggest featuring portraits and resumes of your practitioners to personalize your offerings, thereby increasing revenue from bookings.

To provide an elegant and adaptable solution for these displays, we offer tools to enhance the normal process:

1) FlexFrame display systems: change images conveniently on-demand. Images are fastened using Velcro or magnets, enabling economical internally managed changes.

2) Digital processes for managing content: Images, captions, and name plaques are produced in one process. Portraits and information is integrated with your website, guest media services or collateral
in a single workflow

SEE: FlexFrame interchangeable fixtures

Mission Statements and Motivational Signage

Guest and back-house areas benefit from displaying your mission statement, guest philosophy, service model, educational and informational signage. Tell your staff and customers what you stand for and what you expect your service to deliver. Let everyone know your standards, and how strive for excellence.

We design and produce branded signage for this purpose. We use permanent and interchangeable systems for display. These displays
are drawn from your training programs and used to visually reinforce the processes related to staff management.

• Mission Statement
• Guest and service philosophy
• Educational and information signage
• Training information for staff