Post Ranch Inn

Big Sur, California

Situated on the cliffs of Big Sur, Post Ranch was originally a ranch owned by Billy Post. It is now a luxury resort, with an organic style of architecture designed to blend with the beautiful natural environment.

When proprietors Mike and Janet Freed opened Ranch Inn, they worked tirelessly to create both a seamless integration with the landscape and a visual connection with the history of the property.

Business Image Group worked with the Inn staff to create historical vignettes for each of its exclusive guest rooms. BIG also installed exhibits on the history of the ranch and Big Sur in the visitors' center and the Inns' Five Star Restaurant, Sierra Mar.

In their own words, "We are committed to providing a setting that will facilitate a means for you to commune with nature, awaken the senses, relax into the moment and appreciate the sheer wonder of existence. In short, to create a space for a transformative experience that will become a permanent part of your life."

Visitor Center. Post Ranch Inn

Restaurant foyer. Post Ranch Inn

Guest Room. Post Ranch Inn

Example of an image used - early Big Sur House