Art Programs


Art programs are designed to express your style and unique culture while enhancing your environment

Art programs can also express your market position and support your human factors, inspiring and influencing your team and your clients.

Questions also arise.

What kind of artwork best expresses your style and your business model? What is your budget? Can you invest in "real" collectable artwork or are we looking for reproductions? Are there special sites where a commission or a one-of-kind keystone piece is appropriate to "define the space?" What are we trying to say with the artwork? Are site specific creation strategic to your interiors program?

Defining the process in advance is key to keeping on schedule, as well as project efficiencies and the budget. Navigating this process with a well conceived managed plan is critical to success and controlling the budget.

Photography - Bennett Hall

Art Program Examples

Art Collections - original work

Art collections often evolve from the preferences and passions of the founders or core team of an organization. This might occur over many years, however, a review is often appropriate to ensure the program stays current and relevant, as well as being properly framed and documented.

When starting fresh, determining the selection team is critical. This guidance establishes the budget, style, media, placement and content aspects desired to achieve your programs' objectives.

The selection process is conducted to include many sources, such as galleries and individual artists, as well as curating options from around the world through on-line gallery resources. Our role is coordinating a program that blends the imagery in manner that is properly aligned with your culture and style.

Community Programs

Community exhibits featuring local history or artists helps to localize your environment, creating a more personal experience. We find this approach to be one of the most successful.

Localized Landmarks & Content That Matters

Subject matter drawn from noteworthy local landmarks and landscapes reinforces the "sense of place" and is very effective for art programs.
Further, choosing imagery topical significant to your organization can also provide memorably links to your mission and organizational purpose.

We provide commissioned photography and artwork, as well as use stock and on-line image resources of your area to achieve this type of program.

Visual Mission Statements

Content drawn from your media resources, annual reports or historical files, can be very effective in visually communicate your enterprise.

A corporate "self-portrait" showcases an organizations' people,
products and capabilities. We create these organizational portraits by combining custom photography with images "mined" from your existing media archives. Merged with informative captions, these exhibits simultaneously inform and decorate.
Floated Hand-tinted images of Chemical Waste Management operations on random brush stainless steel panel

Commissioned Artwork

Artwork can be commissioned in all media types for special projects. We assist you through this process, identifying design objectives, media options, artist qualifications, budget, and handle art direction.

Poster Prints, Giclees, Digital Reproduction

Poster reproductions, digital prints, and on-demand content providers provide access to virtually unlimited subject matter to augment your program. Secondary areas may especially benefit from these more economical solutions.

Cut-outs and non-conventional graphics

Cut out images of your people, products or elements to add creativity to corporate or healthcare facilities.

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