Services - Content Development


Content development services are design to refine or produce custom content specfic to your project requirements.

involves scanning, image restoration and refinement, assignment photography, illustration and editorial services.

• Scanning — Digitize original content such as photographs and film
• Digital image restoration or refinement
• Assingement photogrpahy
• Composiite images
• Special effects and hand-tinting
• Illustration and custom artwork
• Storytelling, copywriting, editorial, captions and signage


We scan images anticipating multiple output formats, using the philosophy "scan once, output many". The resulting digital file, or "media asset" is refined and prepared for use in unlimited applications.

The process is governed by requirements for output size, project scope and budget. Digital mastering is conducted to enable any planned application. (e.g. exhibits, advertising, billboards, websites, powerpoint presentations, collateral, books, broadcast media and B-roll)

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Digital Image Restoration and Retouching

Modern scanning and restoration process can enable virtually any image to be restored and utilized for professional applications.

Digital restoration methods enhance images by removing scratches and image defects, improving resolution, correcting color balance, and restoring contrast. Missing areas can be recreated.

Retouching can also remove undesirable image elements, such as telephone poles, cars, or even buildings. Portraits can be refined to remove wrinkles, add color, or even improve hairlines or wrinkled clothing.

Assignment Photography

Location and studio photography is used to capture images specific to your organization; documenting your team, your services, your products, your customers or your facilities.

Architecture, portrait, illustration, product, and documentary, location photography or studio.

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30 years experience in all formats
Film and digital capture.

Composite Images

Image collages can be created from any number of elements to achieve specialized effects and communication needs

Illustration and Custom Artwork

Traditional and computer generated illustration provide for the creation of custom imagery to suit a variety of communication requirements


We hand-tint historical images in a natural manner to create as accurate colors as possible, and in keeping with your design intent or the time period. We use available color references to guide in this work. We use traditional methods by brush with transparent dyes, software graphics programs or a hybrid of the two leading to digital output of the final image.

Editorial Services

In addition to visual content, caption information and narratives are crated to accompanying programs. information is later designed into title cards, signage or other graphics.