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Client Testimonials

Century Plaza Hotel / Ronald Reagan Suite

I hired Bennett and his company twice: First, to research and create an archive and photographic display to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City and second, to research and create a photographic display for the dedication of "The Ronald Reagan Suite" in a 6,000 square foot suite which encompassed the entire top floor of the Tower of the Century Plaza.

In both projects, Bennett and his team went above and beyond what was expected in doing extremely thorough research and creating very high quality pieces which were integral to the success of these projects. His team became passionate in the subjects of the projects and found images that were far beyond our expectations and created a very dynamic story to our exhibits. He was very skilled in recommending matting, framing and the over all look and display of the pieces to maximize their impact.

The images for the 30th Anniversary project told the story of the construction and significant events in the history of the Century Plaza. After their installation, there was no doubt that these images enhanced the guest experience at the hotel as there were always people looking at them in detail and following the story line as I would walk through the halls in my daily course of business. These images established a personality to the hotel and helped guests understand that they were enjoying a piece of history and a part of the glamour of the Century Plaza by staying there.

The Ronald Reagan Suite was dedicated by Nancy Reagan and she thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the displays on the walls and telling stories about the events depicted in them. This suite had served as part of the "Western White House" during President Reagan's second term and he and Mrs. Reagan were the firts guests to check into the Tower when it opened. The dedication was covered by CNN and many of the entertainment shows and on wire services and newspapers worldwide. Bennett worked closely with President Reagan's staff and the Reagan library to obtain images and to have all the images and copy approved before we completed the final pieces. His display depicted the many phases of the President's remarkable life from boyhood through college, his radio announcing days, acting career, SAG union President, Governor of California and, of course, two terms as U.S. President.

Both of these projects were very successful in large part to the hard work and passionate attention to detail of Bennett and his team.le

Tim Groves
Owner of Doctors Express Greenville

Nestle Beverage Company

In my capacity as Historian/Archivist at Nestle Beverage Company in San Francisco I have had considerable contact with Bennett Hall in the restoration of historic photographic materials used in illustrating many of the incidents that occurred during the seventy-two years that I have spent in the employ (and as a consultant) of Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc. and the Company's present owner - Nestle Beverage Company.

Notable among all the examples of hand tinting and framing by Bennett Hall is the exhibit of some twenty-five to thirty photographs of varying size and age that comprise the historical lobby exhibit in the building at #2 Harrison Street in San Francisco which was built and occupied as the home offices and plant of Hills Bros. from 1926 to 1985 (later by Nestle Beverage Company).

Bennett's judgment and artistry in the handling of such objects might well be described as "State Of The Art" and it is always a pleasure to work with him.

T. Carroll Wilson, Historian/ Archivist

(see original letter)

Pacific Bell

"I would like to convey my thanks for the splendid interior design job you performed for our new Residence Service Center building in Auburn.

Over the years, I have been in a number of Company buildings that were remodeled and redecorated and I can say honestly that I have never seen a finer job. What you have chosen has created a most relaxing and pleasant working environment for our people"

J. R. Devereux
Manager, Residence Service Center
Pacific Bell, Auburn, CA

Cal Crew, University of California

"Thank you for a top notch job managing our Memorabilia - we had no idea what a  huge  undertaking  that would be. Your work is exemplary and does wonders for the Cal Crew Collection. The professional level of design and framing has set the tone for years to come at our new Cal Crew rowing facility." 

Carolyn Walker Davis
Memorabilia Committee, Cal Crew

Washington Hospital

Nancy Farber, CEO of Washington Hospital says, "This volume of artwork, illustrations and stories is Washington Hospital's way of celebrating our heritage and saying thank you to the communities we serve." (quoted on a book created by Business Image Group for her institution)

San Jose Medical Center

"I want to take a moment to convey our delight with the work you have done for our Green House Cafe Project. The design and overall quality of reproduction of our historic photographs, clearly "make" the environment" Your selection of subjects, the grouping of pictures and exquisite framing all conform to create an atmosphere that is truly unique.We hope that future projects provide us the opportunity to again tap your creativity and originality. There is a tremendous sense of "home" expressed in our art program."

d Contini, Vice President of Marketing
San Jose Health Center


"I wanted the art to say 'KFOG," said Tony Salvadore, station manager. "I resisted any thought of putting in the usual serigraphs and 'decor' art just because it looked nice with our chairs."

Landor Associates

"An art program should do two things: it should enhance the atmosphere for the people who work there; and it should be a subtle promotional tool, " says Walter Landor, founder. Landor and associats is a world leader in strategic design and brand management with clients including Mercedes-Benz, British Airways and Bank of America.


“I resisted putting in the traditional serigraphs and decor art just because they looked nice with our chairs.  You were able to create custom artwork that said, ‘This is KFOG’!  This is what I really wanted.”

Tony Salvadore, Station Manager, KFOG Radio

“I am very impressed with your ability to work with clients, and stay within the parameters of the program and budgets.  The quality of your work and attention to detail are superior.  You have immersed yourself in your work and it show.” 

Valerie Laqueux, Designer, Rucker Fuller, (For Pacific Bell)

“Thank you for your excellent work, timeliness, and efficiency in the projects we have worked on together.  The enlarged hand-tinted photo-murals you did for the West Houston Hyatt Hotel and the Southern Pacific offices were excellent additions to their art programs.”

Jane Totten, Gallery Director, Van Doren Associates

“We appreciate how you conceived innovative, significant, and above all timely solutions for
multiple design issues with your outstanding photographic exhibition. The ideal environment has been created.”

 Pedro J. Lepori, Project Manager , CRSS Sirrine 

“The design, overall quality of reproduction and coloring of our historic photographs, clearly ‘make’ the environment.  Your selection of subjects, grouping of pictures and exquisite framing all conform to create an atmosphere that is truly unique.”

 Edward Contini, Vice President of Marketing , San Jose Health Center 

“Your hand-tinted photographs are a great asset.  They enhance the colors of Pankow’s projects, presenting them in the very best light.  They’re a wonderful way to display its extensive portfolio of development.”

John Rubino, Vice President / Director of Marketing, Webster Street Partners

“We agreed that the International Folk Art Museum exhibit “Behind the Mask” was, quite simply, the best museum exhibit that we had ever seen.  It is a triumph of both intellectual organization and exhibit design.”

Lonn Taylor, Assistant Director for Public Programs, Smithsonian Institution 

“Hall is a master of photography on huge and tiny scales.  He’s designed immense photographic murals for corporate headquarters. “It would be great if Bennett Hall’s San Francisco experience put to lie the cynical axiom that nothing gets discovered in San Francisco except restaurants...

Bill Mandel, San Francisco Examiner