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Fuji Lanovia C-550

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Business Image Group installs state-of-the-art image scanner

June 23, 2005 3:00 (PST)

SAN FRANCISCO - Business Image Group (BIG) has installed a state-of-the art image scanner for museum/legacy grade scanning. BIG concluded the Fuji Lanovia C-550's capabilities provided the best feature set for scanning archival content and converting enterprise media assets to digital form. This device extends BIG's current capabilities in quality and productivity for developing digital asset repositories for its clients. "Using the Lanovia, we achieve what we call true "Legacy" level capture for visual assets", says Bennett Hall, founder and President of BIG. "This technology", says Hall, "dovetails with our strategy of helping enterprise clients capitalize on media assets strategic to their organizations in unlimited cross-media applications — facilities, print, web, and broadcast. A 'scan-once, output-unlimited' solution is enabled by the quality of the Lanovia."

BIG recently announced a marketing partnership with HP stemming from its excellence in printing output for displays in enterprise facilities. BIG clients include the US District Courts, UC Berkeley, Starwood Hotels, Washington Hospital, the Olympic Club, Charles Schwab Inc., Nestle Beverage Company, Marimba/BMC Software and Post Ranch Inn.

The features of the Lanovia can be reviewed on the following page:

Business Image Group
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About Business Image Group
Business Image Group, established 1980, provides a single-source solution for content-based facility transformation and Legacy content development.
BIG creates exhibits, publications, and educational websites using heritage, community and branded content. BIG transforms office decor programs into strategic visual communication that inspires, educates and influences everyone who enters its clients' facilities. BIG enables content to be produced in unlimited-formats conveniently and economically.

Overview of Lanovia Features:

> Largest Flat bed available: 13.75 x 18.5"
Large originals are scanned in one step without stitching
Minimizes risks associated with handling an original artifact
Oversize scans up to 28" x 70" are possible without risk to the original due to the oversize table top design.

> 5000 DPI resolution:
Captures 5000 dpi OPTICAL resolution anywhere and throughout the flat-bed
Economical alternative to the drum scanning process
Captures originals that cannot be wrapped around a drum, such as mounted prints, fabric, parchments and other delicate items.

> 3D Capability:
The Lanovia has a focus range up to 11mm, allowing it to scan rare artifacts such as medals, coins or objects that cannot be pressed flat, such as rare books.

> Advanced Software, Dynamic Range 3.9, Oil Mount capability
Extended tonal range and software tools can restore and capture information from even the most deteriorated originals or from highly dense glass plate negatives. Many such negatives were previously impossible to print through the conventional photographic processes still available. Any type of original may be scanned, and oil mounting is executed directly on the flat-bed for optimal scanning of negatives and transparencies.

>Batch capability: the Lanovia scan up to forty 35mm transparencies in one job, enabling greater efficiency without sacrificing quality
Provides economical method to digitize large slide libraries.

see more information about the Lanovia

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