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Fujifilm C-550 Lanovia Flatbed


This professional flatbed scanner is arguably the best scanner available for museum level scanning and output of unlimited size.With the Lanovia, Business Image Group offers the best possible scanning for valuable originals, photographs, negatives and transparencies. With historical artifacts and photography, there is no better scanning device available to handle these irreplaceable originals.The Lanovia features the ability to scan large originals up to 13.75 x 18.5", and with stitching, originals up to 26 x 72" can be scanned. The Lanovia has a true optical resolution of 5000 dpi, making it capable of capturing all the visual information in even small originals such as 35mm slides. It also incoporates technology that allows it to capture three-dimensional objects in sharp focus up to 11mm thick, making it capable of scanning unmounted fabric, medals, or non-flat originals that cannot be pressed flat on the bed. This is especially important for rare documents and artifacts, whose handling must be conducted with the ultimate care.

We look forward to making this new technology available to companies who want to transition their physical media assets to high-quality Legacy digital media and enable cross-media output capability.

(see examples of our projects:
Cal Rowing, US District Courts, Washington Hospital).

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Technical Specification
Original types

Transparencies or reflection

Colour and black & white

Positive and negative

3D objects

Scanning area

470mm x 350mm

Scanning resolution

Optical – 5000dpi

Interpolated – 10000dpi

Magnification range

20% to 3000%

Detector type

8000 element tri-linear CCD

Dynamic range

0 to 3.9 density

Data capture

16 bits per colour
(billions of colours)

File formats supported


Greyscale, Linework

Bitmap: Photoshop, CMYK,

RGB, Greyscale

ICC profiled RGB Images

Image editing functions

Tone correction

Colour correction

Image sharpness (USM)

UCR/GCR, dot gain and ink type

Scanner dimensions

Height: 1025mm

Depth: 700mm

Width: 1290mm

Weight: 150kg

Lanovia Overview

It is the ideal, multi-purpose, scanner for archival legacy applications, repository development, museum and exhibit production, publishing in multiple formats.

Largest Flat Bed Available

Large scanning area (13.75" x 18.5", or 470mm x 350mm)
This allows large originals to be scanned in one step without stitching, and significantly minimizing risks associated with handling an original artifact. Oversize scans up to 28" x 70" are possible without risk to the original due to the oversize table top design!

The Lanovia handles reflective art, transparencies and negatives without limitation

5000dpi maximum true optical resolution

The Lanovia features x-y technology that enables an incredible 5000 dpi resolution anywhere and throughout the entire flat bed. 5000 dpi will capture all visual information, even high resolution originals, without any kind of content loss.

5000dpi is the true resolution of the scanner, not to be confused with interpolated or enhanced scanning resolutions which are generally 2 to 3 times the optical resolution.

Exceptional dynamic range of 3.9

The dynamic range (ability of the scanner to capture detail) affects the quality of the scanned image, more that the resolution. The higher the dynamic range, the more a scanner can record the differences between two closely matched colours.

The Lanovia's extended tonal range and software tools can restore and capture information from even the most deteriorated originals or from highly dense glass plate negatives. Many such negatives were previously impossible to print through the conventional photographic processes still available

3-Dimensional Originals - unique capability of Lanovia

Due to its 3D focusing capability, scans may be performed up to a depth of 11mm. This allows it to capture all the information in rare artifacts such as as medals, plates, coins, fabric and tapestries, or objects that are not possible to lay flat such as rare books and parchments.

Batch Capability

The Lanovia can scan up to forty 35mm transparencies in one job run, enabling efficiency and quality. This makes it economical to digitally convert large slide libraries.

Other Technical Facts

XYZoom - overview

• XYZoom scanning for maximum resolution anywhere on the platen

The key factor that makes the Lanovia special is its leading edge XYZoom capability. The CCD scan head, with a maximum optical resolution of 5000 dpi, moves along both the length and width (the X and Y axis) of the scanning area to achieve the optimum position for each scan. This zoom technology then focuses the original over the full width of the CCD – so every original can be scanned at the maximum resolution achievable, regardless of its size or position on the platen.

• The Lanovia can zoom out for reductions down to 20% of original size or in for enlargements up to 3000%. This means that, for example, a 35mm transparency can be “blown up” to over 1 metre wide

• The flush platen allows oversize originals and books to be scanned

• Digitising to 16 bits per colour gives exceptionally smooth results.

• Cast alloy base, precision engineered leadscrew drives, and total quality manufacturing ensure durability and precision of scanning mechanisms

• Built-in light table makes identification and positioning of transparencies easier and quicker

• Fixed platen and enclosed optics help avoid contamination from airborne particles

• Comprehensive default settings and simple luminance, chrominance and hue (LCH) editing

• Full range of expert editing tools give complete control of tone, colour, image sharpness (USM) and print specific parameters

• Supports broad range of file formats for total compatibility

• Images may be edited in LCH, RGB or CMYK

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