Business Image Group offers a comprehensive approach to visual communications for health care organizations. We create art programs that integrate with the local community by using artwork depicting the local community. This provides positive community relations benefits as well as enhances the design of the facility. Our alternative for art programs considers the content as visual communication, brand assets, and designed to be educational and inspirational, in addition to providing decoration.

We organize content resources, refine messages, and design ways to display and publish this content in multiple formats :

  • Community Exhibits
  • Art Programs
  • Visual information display
  • Theme artwork
  • Health messages
  • Publications
  • Web integration

Our process begins through an audit of your facilities and media resources. Through this process and working with your stakeholders, we develop a plan for organization-wide visual communication. This becomes the foundation for the managing your media assets and content.

Images that Promote Healing

Certain types of programs and content provide the most benefit to healthcare providers. By customizing certain content types to their respective facility location and departments, benefits are enhanced.

Integrating local with the larger organization

Certain types of visual communication should be standardized throughout your organization, especially if you have many facilities in diverse locations. Each facility has its own locally “grown” characteristics that should always be emphasized. However, if it is part of a larger enterprise, establishing the brand credibility of the larger organization sends an important message of stability and trust to both staff and patients. We emphasize the importance of deploying both types of content and carefully crafting an integration of both “local” and “corporate” messages.

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