Community History Exhibits

Display outside Ceremonial Courtroom, US District Court








Exhibits of digitally restored historical photographs with narrative captions were installed in the public space, jury rooms, and chamber areas of the 9th District of the United States District Courts’ Northern California facilities.



Beginning with jury rooms in 2002, historical photography drawn from the local community served by each of the region’s courthouses is installed throughout the courthouses. The program encompasses the public space, jury and meeting rooms, and chambers – the largest program of its type in the country.

The strategy is to visually integrate the Court facilities with the community that they serve. This provides educational value and enhances the overall aesthetic experience, notably forgoing conventional decorative



Local Diversity

These exhibits show the rich local history, diversity and achievements of the 15 counties served by the Northern District in the four federal courthouses located in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Eureka.

We design and produce these displays from inception. We research appropriate content, plan exhibit placement, restore the photographs, author narratives to accompany the images, then print, frame, and install the programs.