New Approach to Hospitality Artwork


New approach to Hospitality artwork

Our approach to artwork for hospitality expands its traditional role beyond decoration to become a strategic expression of your brand. By linking the artwork to your history, local community and the style unique to your property, the guest experience is personalized and enhanced. This leverages the ROI from art programs by tightly integrating your facilities with your marketing plan and brand strategy.

Our solution combines strategic marketing, custom content creation, digital asset management and publishing, and traditional art consulting. We integrate public-space and guest room artwork, heritage and community exhibits, personnel displays, and signage with brand, marketing and HR objectives. Multi-format collateral, web integration, custom merchandise, staff training and media relations can all be incorporated into the program. Artwork educates, inspires and influences your guests and staff, in addition to providing decoration for your interiors.

How does the artwork express your culture, history, style, and joie de vie? What images would best accomplish this? How do we manage this approach to optimize your business objectives? Are we sending a consistent brand message? Have we localized the message while keeping in synch with corporate goals?

How do we enhance the “BUZZ” on your property?

After exploring these questions and developing the objectives, we move to the easier task of selecting or creating the artwork and the aesthetic details to match the interior design.






• Enhanced guest experience
• Improved Brand integration
• Facilities visually express your marketing plan.
• Involves staff, reinforces HR objectives
• Facility exhibits, collateral, publishing, websites, broadcast, merchandise, public relations become more integrated
• Digitally managed media resources make use of media more convenient and economical
• Merchandise programs add new profit centers


Service Overview

• Facility review, auditing and planning
• Brand and media asset management
• Custom creation of artwork and content
• Graphic design and multimedia publishing
• Production Services – art and framing