San Francisco Courthouse

Display outside Ceremonial Courtroom, US District Court
San Francisco US District Courtroom


Exhibits of digitally restored historical photographs with narrative captions were installed in the public space, jury rooms, and chamber areas of the 9th District of the United States District Courts’ Northern California facilities. New Deal artwork reproductions were installed in each of the main courtrooms.



Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco
19th to 15th-floor public areas; jury rooms, chambers hallways.


Exhibits depicting the greater San Francisco area’s history are on display in the public hallways outside the courtrooms on the 19th to 15th floors of the Federal Building and hallways leading to the Jury Assembly and the Clerk’s offices in the Federal Building in San Francisco.

The 500-piece exhibit was installed between 2002 and 2020, located in the San Francisco Federal Building on Golden Gate.

Additional historical images are displayed in the Court’s jury rooms, Chambers hallways, and attorney-client meeting rooms.

The judges of this local court selected the images for the displays and also assisted with the editorial review of the detailed narratives and captions accompanying each piece.

Each piece has been digitally restored from various public and private collections, including Oakland Public Library, San Jose Public Library, and our own private collection. Custom picture framing and installation were produced in San Francisco by Eco Framing.

The program was augmented in 2017 with New Deal-era mural reproductions in each of the twelve courtrooms. These were drawn from the Coit Tower, San Francisco, murals painted in 1934.